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A Lunch Hour That Changes Lives

In-School Mentoring helps build self esteem in a place that isn’t always positive. An In-School Mentor goes into the school and finds fun ways to give a student a break.

Board games, playing in the gym, going out on the yard, baking in the kitchen or hanging out in the library are a few simple examples of what the hour can be used for.

What does this mean for a student? A person to talk to, a reason for a break from the frustration of class, a reason to laugh, a time to talk, a time to catch up, a positive role model to help. This hour a week means the world to the student of any age- who wouldn’t want a reason to stop, take a break and laugh. Students who participate in the program are deemed potentially not raising their hand in class even though they know the answer, not making friends or keeping friends in a positive way or just need a boost with a friend.

Students are chosen by a school liaison, explained the program and if they choose to participate, parents are sent a consent form. This means there is always someone at the school available to help, open rooms, give ideas or check in with.

Mentors involved in the In-School Mentoring program are asked to commit to a full school calendar year in order to support the youth and make the best possible connection.

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