"We believe in the value and values of mentoring."



Have you been thinking that mentoring with Big Brothers Big Sisters only includes one-to-one, long-term matches? Think again!

BBBSGT works with various lifestyles to find what fits best with your schedule. No matter what time you have to give we will find a place for you. From 3 Hours a Month- 3 Hours a Week- your time is as precious as the youth we serve!

For any questions in regards to our programming please feel free to contact any of the staff at the office 

(705) 445-2330 

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  1. *NEW* Boys Club:  Male Mentors volunteer 3 hours a month to doing activities for boys on the waitlist. The hope is that most activities will involve trying to get active but will span a wide variety of recreational activities. The group will meet at a specific location and participate in an organized event for young males aged 12(+)


  1. Traditional Big Brother/Sister:  Male/Female volunteer (over the age of 18) is matched with a child between the ages of 6-16 and commits a minimum of 3 hours a week with the child engaging in one-on-one activities.  The volunteer must commit to 1 year in the program and focuses on building self-esteem through fun- low to no cost activities.


  1. In-School Mentoring (elementary): Male and female volunteers (over the age of 16) are matched for an hour a week with a male or female child in grades 2-8 on school property where they engage in one-on-one activities throughout the school year. The program is about having fun and finding good activities to do together- not school work (unless the child wants it).


  1. Group Activities Volunteer:  Male and female volunteers (over the age of 16) come to various organized programs to help support youth on the waitlist that do not have a Big Brother or Big Sister. The commitment is 3 hours a month and sometimes some driving (where applicable).


  1. Go Girls!:  School-based program offered to girls aged 12-14 where female mentors (ages 16-30) provide sessions on healthy choices and living for 1-2 hours a week in a group setting.


  1. Couples For Kids:  A couple (over the age of 18) is matched with a child and spend a minimum of 3 hours a week together doing activities.


  1. Homework club: For volunteers of any age! Volunteers come out to one of our two locations for homework club and help get youth the academic support they need. The program runs from October-early December and then again from mid-January-April. This is a great way to get community service hours for high school.




    Kids, Cops and Communities: Youth get to interact with members of both detachments in various positions doing fun recreational activities. This program is about seeing the "normal" side of law enforcement and making connections with community members in a positive way.


    Coop In-School Mentoring: High School students use their coop placement to mentor youth at the near by public schools. Matched with a few different children, the student works on planning, facilitating and encouraging self esteem to youth close in age. 

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